Six Steps to Calibrate and Optimize Airblast Sprayers for Orchards and Vineyards

Gwen-Alyn Hoheisel, Lav Khot, Michelle Moyer and Steve Castagnoli
PNW 749 | Published January 2021, Reviewed 2023


In six steps, learn how to calibrate, optimize, and verify coverage for an airblast sprayer to ensure that you are getting every drop to the crop.

About the authors

Gwen-Alyn Hoheisel
Regional Extension Specialist, Agriculture & Natural Resources
Washington State University
Lav Khot
Associate Professor, Center for Precision Agriculture & Automated Systems, Biological Systems Engineering
Washington State University
Michelle Moyer
Viticulture Extension Specialist, Department of Horticulture
Irrigated Agriculture Research & Extension Center, Washington State University

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