Vine Mealybug in Oregon

Vine mealybug (Planococcus ficus) is a serious pest of wine grapes in many production regions worldwide, and it was first identified in Oregon in 2021. This invasive pest is controlled under the Oregon Grape Quarantine and is different from the Grape Mealybug (Pseudococcus maritimus) that is already known to be in Oregon. Vine mealybug directly impacts vines and fruit and is also a key vector of leafroll virus in grapevines. Both the vine mealybug and leafroll virus may cause economic damage in vineyards once established.

A monitoring study conducted by Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) in 2022 found that Oregon's vine mealybug population is confined to commercial vineyards within a small area of Jackson County. It is currently not known to be widespread; however, it is important that growers are aware of this pest and to take action to prevent movement of the pest with grape plants, vineyard equipment, laborers, or fruit. A community effort is required to suppress the existing population and prevent spread to other areas.

A statewide vine mealybug monitoring effort is currently in place for late summer and fall 2023.

Below we provide a collection of science-based resources for you to monitor, identify, and control vine mealybug.

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