Eriogonum heracleoides (parsnip-flower buckwheat)


A perennial forb or subshrub with a branching woody stem, 4 to 24 inches in height.


Light green to blue-grayish, can be covered with dense white hairs. Lance shape 1 to 2 inches long, 4 to 15 times longer than their width.


Creamy yellow or white with six petals in simple or compound umbels on erect stems.


May through July or later in higher elevations.


Grows in shrub-steppe, dry forest openings and ridges at 7,000 feet or lower.


Attracts butterflies, bees and other insects. Oregon Bee Atlas participants have recorded mason bees (Osmia) and nomad cuckoo bees (Nomada) from this species in Harney County.


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