When to start seeds indoors in Oregon

If winter is the time to plan a garden and order seeds, early spring is the time to start wondering: When to plant? This table can help you figure out when to start your seeds indoors and when to set them out in your garden.

Follow these steps:

  1. Write the average frost-free date in column 1.
    • Most gardeners in central Oregon use May 31, but use the date most applicable to your area.
  2. Count back (or ahead) using the numbers in column 2 to determine the outdoor planting date. Write that number in column 3.
  3. Count back from that date using the numbers in column 4 to determine the indoor sowing date.

Beans and lettuce are listed below as examples of the central Oregon frost-free date.

Crop Frost-free date Weeks to set out Set-out date Weeks to grow indoors Sow date
Beans 05/31 +1 06/07 -4 05/10
Broccoli -4 -6
Brussels sprouts -4 -6
Cabbage -5 -6
Cauliflower -2 -6
Corn 0 -4
Cucumbers +1 -3
Kale -5 -6
Leeks -5 -10
Lettuce 05/31 -2 05/17 -5 04/12
Melons +2 -3
Onions -6 -10
Peas -4 -4
Peppers +2 -8
Squash +2 -3
Tomatoes 0 -8
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