Central Oregon vegetable garden calendar

Vegetable Plant Seed
Asparagus Crowns: Jun April
Beans Seed: Jun Aug - Oct
Beets Seed: Apr - May, Aug mid July, Oct
Broccoli Transplant: Apr, May, Aug July - Aug, Nov
Brussels Sprouts Transplant: mid Apr - May, mid Aug July - Aug, Nov
Cabbage Transplant: mid Apr - May, mid Aug mid Aug, mid Sep - Oct
Carrots Seed: mid Apr- May, Aug -Sep Jul, Oct
Cauliflower Transplant: May -Jun 7, Aug 1-7 Jul, Oct
Chard Seed: May 0 Jun mid Aug - Sep
Corn, Sweet Seed: mid May - mid Jun Mid Aug- Sep
Cucumbers Transplant: late May, early Jun mid Aug - mid Sep
Garlic Bulbs: mid Oct- Nov late Jul - early Sep
Kohlrabi Seed/transplant: May - Jun Jul - Aug
Leeks Transplant: May - Jun Jul - Aug
Lettuce Seed: Apr - May late May-July
Onions Transplant: Apr - early Jun Aug- Sep
Peas Seed: mid Apr - May Jun
Peppers Transplant: mid May - mid Jun Aug - Sep
Potatoes Seed: late Apr - May mid Aug - Oct
Pumpkins Transplant: late May - early Jun Sep - Oct
Radishes Seed: mid Apr - mid May, late May mid May - Jun
Rhubarb Roots: May May
Spinach Seed: mid Apr - early May late May - early Jun
Squash, Summer Transplant: late May - early Jun mid Jul - mid Aug
Squash, Winter Transplant: late May - early Jun mid Sep - Oct
Tomatoes Transplant: late May - early Jun mid Jul - Sep

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