Plant Pathology Diagnostic Laboratory Services

The Plant Pathology Laboratory on the Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center is dedicated to providing plant disease diagnostic services to the agricultural industry of the Columbia River Basin and to greater Oregon.  We employ traditional diagnostic techniques as well as modern technologies to diagnose diseases of crops being grown in the Pacific Northwest.  The laboratory is equipped to test for all manner of plant pathogens including viruses, fungi, and bacteria.  We also provide various specialty testing services for certain plant pathogens. 


General Testing Fee

All plant disease samples submitted to the laboratory for general identification will be assessed a $60.00 submission fee. This includes visual and microscopic inspection of diseased plants, fungal and bacterial culturing, and additional tests such as PCR or ELISA for pathogen identification for one sample. Additional fees will be assessed for tests conducted on submissions with multiple samples that require detailed diagnosis.

Plant Pathogen Testing Fees

When testing for viruses or phytoplasmas, plant tissue samples are generally tested individually (per leaf, stem, etc.), but may be tested in bulk (e.g. up to 5 leaves) for more economical testing. Please note: bulk testing is less able to detect low titers of virus. Call for special pricing of very large sample lots and to learn which pathogens can be detected using these methods.

Fees for ELISA and PCR testing of multiple samples are listed below. Please contact the laboratory for a list of pathogen tests.

Price Per Sample for ELISA Testing
# Pathogens 2-4 5-24 25 or more
1 $15 $10 $7
2 $20 $12 $9
3 $25 $14 $11
4 $30 $16 $12
5 $35 $18 $13
6 $40 $20 $14
Price Per Sample for PCR
# Pathogens 2-4 5 or more
1 $35 $30
2 $40 $34
3 $45 $38
4 $50 $42
5 $55 $44
6 $60 $48

Soil Fungi Assays

Prices listed are per soil sample. Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for Pythium, Fusarium, and Phoma terrestris assays and 5 weeks for Verticillium/C. coccodes (black dot).

  2-4 5 or more
Verticillium spp./Colletotrichum coccodes $35 $33
Pythium spp. $25 $23
Fusarium spp. $25 $23
Phoma terrestris (Onion pink root) $30 $28
Pythium, Fusarium spp., and Phoma terrestris $80 $74
Pythium, Fusarium and Verticillium spp./C. coccodes $85 $79

Metalaxyl Resistant Pythium Soil and Culture Assay

The soil assay determines what percent of the total Pythium spp. present in the soil show resistance to metalaxyl. The culture assay determines if the Pythium spp. recovered from infected plant material is resistant to metalaxyl. The fee for these tests is $40.

Silver Scurf and Black Dot Testing of Potato Tubers

Silver scurf and black dot tuber assays are conducted on seed and market tubers. The fee for this service is $50.00 per lot for one of the diseases (silver scurf or black dot) and $65.00 for both diseases.

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