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Anna Browne

4-H / Juntos Latino Outreach Coordinator

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OSU Extension has created an entirely new position aimed at promoting 4-H and college readiness directly to the Hispanic populations of Umatilla and Morrow counties. Anna Browne, a former fifth- and sixth-grade teacher at Windy River Elementary in Boardman, took over the job in July, helping to fill a much-needed gap for the school districts. Approximately half of students are Hispanic in the Hermiston School District, and about 55 percent in the Morrow County School District, according to the Oregon Department of Education. Browne works with those students and their families through a six-week college and career readiness program called “Juntos” (meaning “together” in Spanish), which teaches them how to make attending college a goal, and how to apply for financial aid. “There are just a lot more barriers for Hispanic high school students, especially if they are first-generation students to go to college,” she said. Browne, who is bilingual, teaches the classes in Spanish and recently completed her second session at Riverside Junior-Senior High in Boardman. Nineteen families have now completed the course. Browne also helps younger Hispanic students to become involved in 4-H, which she said can help them to develop leadership skills and give them another positive experience they can add to their future college applications. “There’s really a tremendous amount of leadership development that can come out of 4-H,” Browne said.

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