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Carol Savonen

Emeritus Appointment (Retired)

Content by Carol Savonen

Big maggots in your compost? They're soldier fly larvae

Big maggots in your compost? They're soldier fly larvae.

Carol Savonen | May 13, 2005 | News story

What's the difference between chemical, organic fertilizers?

Differences between processed and organic fertilizers are explained in this article.

Carol Savonen | May 14, 2004 | News story

Don't toss those tuberous begonias - save for next summer

It is easy to ready and store tender summer bulbs such as tuberous begonias for next growing season. Here’s how.

Carol Savonen | Sep 19, 2003 | News story

There's no break for people who garden in clay

Clay soils are one of the biggest challenges to the home gardener

Carol Savonen | Feb 28, 2003 | News story

What is mushroom compost?

Commercial mushroom growers in the Willamette Valley grow tons of mushrooms in an elaborate mixture that gardeners love - mushroom compost.

Carol Savonen | Feb 19, 2003 | News story