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Content by Clinton Shock

Successful Onion Irrigation Scheduling

Irrigation scheduling is directly related to profitable onion production and sustainable agricultural practices. Research at the Oregon State University Malheur Experiment Station has demonstrated that onion yield and grade are very closely related to irrigation practices, especially the criterion...

By Clinton Shock | OSU Extension Catalog

Nutrient Management for Onions in the Pacific Northwest

This publication is designed to assist growers and crop advisors in producing a high-quality crop while protecting the environment from excess nutrients. Contains information on how onions grow; timing and amount of crop nutrient uptake; keys to managing nitrogen efficiently; ways to monitor crop N...

By Dan Sullivan, Clinton Shock, Erik Feibert | OSU Extension Catalog

Growing Irrigated Soybeans in the Pacific Northwest

Describes considerations for growing soybeans in the Pacific Northwest.

By Clinton Shock, Erik Feibert | OSU Extension Catalog

Successful Potato Irrigation Scheduling

This publication discusses irrigation scheduling of potatoes using crop evapotranspiration and/or soil water tension.

By Clinton Shock | OSU Extension Catalog

Drip Irrigation Guide for Potatoes

This publication provides a framework, general recommendations, and rationales to aid potato growers interested in maximizing their land use and crop yield through drip irrigation. Discusses bed conformation, pumps and filters, system maintenance, microirrigation criteria, and chemigation.

By Clinton Shock | OSU Extension Catalog

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