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Content by Darrin Walenta

Potato Psyllid Vector of Zebra Chip Disease in the Pacific Northwest

This publication addresses the emergent issue in the Pacific Northwest of a potato infection called zebra chip disease, vectored by the potato psyllid. Includes information on the bacterium, the biology of the vector, description of damage from both vector and non-vector psyllids, and most current...

By Darrin Walenta, Silvia Rondon, Stuart Reitz | OSU Extension Catalog

Irrigated Kentucky Bluegrass (Eastern Oregon) Nutrient Management Guide

Gives nutrient and lime recommendations for irrigated Kentucky bluegrass in eastern Oregon. Also includes sources of further information.

By Darrin Walenta | OSU Extension Catalog

Analytical Laboratories Serving Oregon

This guide can be useful for commercial growers, gardeners, and homeowners who wish to use soil, plant, and water analyses to help them make decisions about the use of soil amendments and other management actions. Some may also wish to test drinking water quality. The guide contains a list of...

By Darrin Walenta, Clare Sullivan, Leticia Henderson (Varelas), Linda Brewer | OSU Extension Catalog

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