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Education Program Assistant

Contact me about becoming a Master Gardener Volunteer in Linn or Benton County. For plant/garden questions, please follow the link to "Have a Gardening Question?"

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Expertise: Bees and Pollinators , Garden Vegetables and Herbs , Gardening Techniques , Sustainability , Integrated Pest Management

Programs: Master Gardener™ Programs of Linn and Benton Counties

Locations: Benton County , Linn County

Links: Have a gardening question?


Elza Records joined OSU Extension as Education Program Assistant for the Linn & Benton County Master Gardener program in 2018. Elza is an Oregon State University alum with a BS in Natural Resources. Previously she worked as a land steward, volunteer coordinator and educator. Elza and her spouse grow a 3,000-square-foot home garden with over 100 vegetable cultivars. Says Elza: “I believe there is no single right way to garden, but that there is an ever-evolving best way for each individual gardener.” She also enjoys hiking, writing, food preserving, brewing honey wine and pressing cider.

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