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Flooded Fields and Drainage Ditches of the Willamette Valley

Flooded fields and drainage ditches of the Willamette Valley / Habitat legacies for native fish and wildlife.

Guillermo Giannico | Sep 2012 | Video

Is there a plan to preserve native salmon runs if GMO salmon start mixing in?

Q: I have heard in the past that Oregon State has a seed bank, which is capable of reserving a source for native genetic material apart from GMO crops. Is Oregon State going to also preserve the genetic material of the native Salmon, so that if the GMO Salmon does contaminate the native runs, something may be done in the future to correct this?  

A: View answer | View all featured questions

Field Guide to Common Fish of the Willamette Valley Floodplain

This book contains descriptions of 15 native and 16 nonnative fish (including origin, distribution, key characteristics, size, distinguishing features, color, diet, and other remarks) found in the Willamette River Basin's seasonal watercourses, with over a hundred photos to aid in identification. It also offers a succinct explanation of the Willamette River Basin's aquatic ecosystems and...

Brad Withrow-Robinson, Guillermo Giannico | Jun 2014 | OSU Extension Catalog

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