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James Hermes, Emeritus

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Content by James Hermes

Soy Free Diets For Poultry

In recent years, there has been interest by small scale poultry producers to not feed soybean meal to their chickens. The reasoning behind this trend varies but most producers have health concerns regarding soy for both their ...

James Hermes | Apr 2011 | Article

Feeding Pastured Poultry

The pasturing of poultry is becoming a popular management method for many small flock producers, and even some moderately sized commercial farms. When pasturing chickens, the birds are allowed to roam in large areas that have ...

James Hermes | Jun 2008 | Article

Purchasing Chicks

As spring is now upon us, many begin to think about raising some baby chicks for the home flock or to supply eggs for sale. There are several considerations for those contemplating purchasing a few chicks.

James Hermes | Apr 2008 | Article

Seasonal Changes affect Poultry

As we move into the fall months, cool weather will soon arrive, and the rain will once again fall in western Oregon. There are special considerations for the poultry flock during these months of changing conditions. First of...

James Hermes | Oct 2007 | Article

Raising Baby Chicks

Chickens are quite suitable for most small farming enterprises. To have a successful flock, all producers, large and small must follow a few simple rules for years of productivity and enjoyment. Learn how to prepare bedding, temperatures, starter diets, and more for the new chicks.

James Hermes | Apr 2007 | Article

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