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Symphylans have invaded my garden, how can I get rid of them?

How do i get rid of symphylans? I have turned the dirt numerous times and treated with Bifenthrin as was directed by a soil expert at a local greenhouse ( 3 days ago) and they're still alive and well. Help!!! I am trying to get some of my cold crop starts in the ground, but want to get rid of these...

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Are Asian and European pears compatible?

Will Asian pears pollinate European varieties, and vice versa?

By Jeff Choate | Featured Question

A Guide to Collecting Soil Samples for Farms and Gardens

Laboratory soil tests help you develop your soil and increase crop production by providing information on available nutrient content. Soil testing helps you select the correct kind and amount of fertilizer and liming material. Learn why, when, and where to collect your soil sample, and get...

By Melissa Fery, Jeff Choate | OSU Extension Catalog

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