Linda R. McMahan

Horticulture (Former)


Linda R. McMahan is a horticulturist with Oregon State University Extension Service. She received a doctorate in botany from The University of Texas at Austin and a law degree from American University. Although she was born and raised in Oregon, Linda has lived and worked in many of the nation's regions, becoming familiar with a variety of climates and soils. Linda has worked for universities, government organizations, non-profit plant conservation groups and botanical gardens, in addition to teaching and promoting native plants and water-efficient landscaping for more than 20 years.

Content by Linda R. McMahan

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Information about various plants native to Yamhill County.

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Recommendations for native plants in sunny areas.

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Oregon WaterWise for the Westside

Covers reasons to be concerned about WaterWise issues in Western Oregon.

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PNW native plants for the streamside garden

Trees and shrubs for the water's edge or drier areas, groundcover, ferns, and other useful tips

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