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Content by Lisbeth Goddik

OSU Dairy Foods Facility Opens

January 2011 “This is for all of us who appreciate good food. Cheese is the perfect accompaniment with wine, micro brew, berries, and artisan bread. Local cheeses exemplify the concept of Oregon terroir: from grazing cows to shady Douglas firs. It is a product of choice for consumers who demand to know where and how their food is produced.” After 30 years of ...

Lisbeth Goddik | Jan 2011 | Article

Is your cheese made from happy cows?

Q: I'm interested in purchasing some of your cheese. I'd like to know if your dairy cows are treated with antibiotics or hormones and if your dairy is certified humane.

A: View answer | View all featured questions

Starting a Distilled Spirit Business: A Guide to Completing the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau Application and Oregon Liquor Control Commission Licensing Process

Craft distilling is a growing industry, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for registering a distilled spirit business and getting the proper permits.

Lisbeth Goddik | Jan 2018 | OSU Extension Catalog

Owning a Dairy Cow or Goat

Discusses how to choose the best type of animal for your needs and briefly mentions issues related to feeding and breeding. Provides information on safely using milk, either fresh or in cheese, butter, or yogurt.

Lisbeth Goddik, Troy Downing | May 2015 | OSU Extension Catalog

Permits and Licenses Required for startup of Artisan Cheese Plants in Oregon

This publication is primarily intended for entrepreneurs who wish to start a new artisan cheese business and for dairy farm owners seeking new business opportunities for profitable use of milk.

Lisbeth Goddik, Catherine Durham | Aug 2009 | OSU Extension Catalog

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