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Content by Peter Schreder

Recognizing and Identifying Three Invasive Annual Grasses in the Great Basin Desert

Invasive annual grasses are a threat to the Great Basin desert ecosystem. They compromise habitat diversity for important wildlife species such as the greater sage-grouse. They shorten the grazing season for livestock, and do not provide as much consistent forage biomass and quality as perennial...

By Peter Schreder, Fara Brummer | OSU Extension Catalog

Managing Small-Acreage Horse Farms in Central and Eastern Oregon

This publication presents a system for managing horses, pastures, and manure that will make your farm safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly. It is intended for horse farms from 1 to 10 acres in the high dry regions of eastern and central Oregon.

By Garry Stephenson, Peter Schreder, David Hannaway, Melissa Fery, Linda Brewer, Mylen Bohle | OSU Extension Catalog

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