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Content by Robin Rosetta

Sensor Sprayers for Specialty Crop Production

Sensor-controlled spray systems can help growers use fewer chemicals and less water while maintaining good pest control. Learn about the pros and cons of different types of sensor sprayers.

Robin Rosetta, Jay Pscheidt, Lloyd Nackley | Jun 2019 | OSU Extension Catalog

Azalea Lace Bug Poster (Chinche de encaje de la azalea)

This poster measures 24 x 36 inches and is on soft vinyl with grommets, so it stands up to wet weather and is easy to handle. It contains photos and concise descriptions of the insect in its several stages of development and of its damage to plants. All content is presented in both English and Spanish. Preview poster

Gilbert Uribe, Luisa Santamaria, Robin Rosetta | Apr 2014 | OSU Extension Catalog

Chinche de encaje de la azalea: Una nueva plaga de las azaleas y los rododendros

La chinche de encaje (Stephanitis pyrioides) de la azalea, también conocida como "azalea lace bug" en ingles, es una nueva plaga que causa daños considerables en las azaleas y los rododendros. En esta publicación hay información sobre ciclo de vida del insecto, cómo el daño se caracteriza, monitoreo y control.

Luisa Santamaria, Robin Rosetta | Dec 2013 | OSU Extension Catalog

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