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Should I start wintering my flowers?

Sep 2019
I live in Eugene and I’m wondering when I can winterize my geraniums and begonias??

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Growing Tree Fruits Successfully

Jul 2013
Soil, site, irrigation, selection, pruning/thinning, and integrated pest management.

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Is a dog latrine a bad place to grow vegetables?

Feb 2019
I'm very concerned about the health hazards of eating food grown in the beds where a dog has pooped. At this point, I could build a fence around the whole garden to stop any further damage, but I'm wondering about the existing and persistent harm of bacteria or worms that may now be in the soil. My house mate's dog did her duty in multiple beds throughout the ...

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Is my apple tree wounded?

Dec 2018
I have a Gala apple tree, around 5 years old. It is a good producer and appears to be in good health, but as you know, requires lots of attention... spraying, etc. I had some apple scab problems with it for the last two years, which I gather is pretty common with Galas, but now seem to have that under control. Over the summer I noticed some kind of lesion ...

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Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium Values of Organic Fertilizers

May 2003
Organic fertilizers are used to improve soil quality and tilth, and to provide nutrients for plant growth. They provide nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as other elements essential for plant development and overall good health.

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