Stormi Dykes

Delicious Blueberries

Education Program Assistant 2

Contact for questions about Lincoln County Master Gardener™ Program, Food Preservation & Education, Small Farms and the Oregon Silverspot Butterfly.

Programs: Lincoln County Master Gardeners

Locations: Lincoln County


I grew up in Lincoln County, graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Journalism, then embarked on a lengthy career in advertising and marketing in New York City and San Francisco. I moved back to Toledo a few years ago, where I began reacquainting myself with rural living, discovering the joys of growing my own produce and learning what “banding calves” meant from my partner Scott. I joined the Master Gardener program in 2023, where my pet project was (and still is) working on efforts to save the threatened Oregon Silverspot Butterfly. In my free time, you can find me volunteering at many Master Gardener events, trying new recipes, discovering Oregon wineries, collecting stamps in my passport, doing crosswords, pampering our super-spoiled housecat – and sneaking in an episode or two of “Let’s Make a Deal” because I love Wayne Brady!

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