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Content by Troy Downing

Developing a system to track nitrogen cycling on pasture-based dairies

Most dairy farmers do not have the desire or see the need to have a detailed record keeping system to make management decisions about their cropland. This project was as much about the behavior and attitudes of dairy farmers as much as it was about waste management or managing cropland for optimal fertility.

By Troy Downing, | Publication

Nonstructural carbohydrates in forage cultivars

We are just beginning to see interest by researchers to learn more about a cultivar’s palatability and intake potential. Understanding these performance differences between cultivars is of growing importance. In addition to the palatability and intake of the respective grasses, the nutrients derived from the grasses greatly influence milk production.

By Troy Downing, | Publication

The value of locally grown forages continues to go up

A look at the cost/benefit of locally grown forages.

By Troy Downing, | Article

Soil pH and pasture productivity

A look at the cost effectiveness of liming coastal ryegrass pastures.

By Troy Downing, | Article

Forage testing is important for balancing rations

Summer appears to be in full swing here on the coast. This is the time when many livestock producers spend their time cutting silage and hay and preserving it for use later this fall and winter. For...

By Troy Downing, | Article

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