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Troy Downing

Dairy Specialist

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Content by Troy Downing

Tasas de Aplicación de Estiércol para la Producción de Forraje en el Oeste de Oregón (Manure Application Rates for Forage Production)

Esta publicación proporciona estimaciones de la eliminación de nitrógeno, fósforo y potasio de cultivos forrajeros que se cultivan en lecherías en el oeste de Oregon. También proporciona orientación sobre las tasas de ...

Troy Downing, Dan Sullivan | Mar 2021 | OSU Extension Catalog

Developing a system to track nitrogen cycling on pasture-based diaries

Most dairy farmers do not have the desire or see the need to have a detailed record-keeping system to make management decisions about their cropland. This project was as much about the behavior and attitudes of dairy farmers...

Troy Downing | Aug 2011 | Article

Phosphorus on the farm from feed grains and by-products

Phosphorus is an important plant nutrient for growing dairy forages. Unfortunately, many dairies have more phosphorus excreted and stored in manure than they can use during a crop year. Soils have the ability to store moderate ...

Troy Downing, Michael Gamroth | Mar 2004 | Article

Nonstructural carbohydrates in forage cultivars

We are just beginning to see interest by researchers to learn more about a cultivar's palatability and intake potential. Understanding these performance differences between cultivars is of growing importance. In addition to the ...

Troy Downing | Aug 2007 | Article

Fiber digestibility in cool season grasses

The past several years we have conducted a trail looking at fiber digestibility of several cool season grasses. Grasses were planted in the fall and harvested for two consecutive years. Varieties were replicated three times, dry...

Troy Downing | Apr 2009 | Article

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