Common Spiders Found in Central Oregon

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Aggressive House Spider

Information on the aggressive house spider.

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Giant House Spider

Information on the giant house spider from Spider ID.

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Barn Funnel Weaver / Domestic House Spider

Information on the barn funnel weaver, also known as the domestic house spider.

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Black Widow Spider

Information on the venomous black widow spider.

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False Black Widow

Information on the false black widow spider.

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Trapdoor Spider / Folding Door Spider

Information on folding-door spiders.

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Hackledmesh Weaver

Information on the hackledmesh weaver spider.


Wolf spider

Information on the wolf spider.

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Cat Faced Spider

Information on the cat-faced spider.

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Yellow Garden Spider

Information on the yellow garden spider.

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Crab Spider

Information on running crab spiders.

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Jumping Spider

Information about jumping spiders.

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Grass Spider

Information about grass spiders.

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