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Tourism and Agritourism

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Historic Molalla Log House finds new home at Hopkins Demonstration Forest

The house, which has stood for centuries in the foothills of the Cascades, is getting a new life – and the public will be learning about its rebirth thanks to the Oregon State University Extension Service.

Kimberly Jacobsen Nelson | Oct 1, 2019 | News Story

How Instagram Stories Can Help Direct Traffic to Your Agritourism Operation

The use of social media for agritourism, including farm direct sales operations, is quickly becoming an important tool in the marketing tool belt. Potential new visitors and regular customers are using platforms such as Instagram to find the next great authentic farm experience and a place to by local farm products.

Audrey Comerford, Mary Stewart | Sep 2019 | Fact Sheet

Agritourism in the Mid-Willamette Valley

Agritourism is an operation that connects consumers and tourists with agricultural products, producers and places, usually on farms and ranches. It’s a way for agriculturists to diversify their business, attract more customers and remain sustainable. There are five categories of agritourism activities…farm direct sales is the largest category.

Mary Stewart, Michael Calcagno | Aug 2019 | Video

Selling Farm Produce by Count, Volume or Weight

Learn more about the common methods of measurement for farm direct produce sales.

Mary Stewart | Aug 2019 | Fact Sheet

Seasonality Chart: What's in Season in the Region

From fruits to flowers and meat to fiber, this chart will help determine what agriculture products are in season and available directly from farms in the Willamette Valley region.

Mary Stewart, Colton Harms | Aug 2019 | Fact Sheet

How to Create an Inventory of Agritourism Operations

This guide details steps to complete an inventory of agritourism operations in an area, county or multi-county region to increase awareness of the scope, product line and visitor readiness.

Mary Stewart | Jul 2019 | Fact Sheet

Given more information about how wine is made, consumers less likely to pay for organic

Consumers are more willing to pay for wine that comes with an organic or organic grape label but providing information about certification standards and organic production practices reduces consumer willingness to pay for all wines, , according to an Oregon State University-led study.

Chris Branam | Jun 25, 2019 | News Story

OSU Science on Tap presents talk on Egyptian tombs, language and culture

Egyptologist Hassan Latif will present “Secrets to the afterlife – decoding Egyptian tombs, language and culture” at Oregon State Science on Tap on May 30.

Chris Branam | May 14, 2019 | News Story

How do I buy fresh seafood from the fishing boats?

Q: How do I find out when and how to buy fish and crabs from the boats as they come in?

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