Rabbit Coat Color Genetics - Summary Table

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Rabbit Coat Color Genetics Project Summary Table
Common Name Gene Name Function Known Alleles (listed in order of descending dominance) Notes
A gene ASIP Coat Pattern A Agouti
at Tan
a Self
B gene TYRP1 Coat Color Base B Black
b Chocolate
C gene TYR Pattern Color C Full color
cchd Chinchilla Dark
cchl Chinchilla Light (sable)
ch Himalayan
c Albino
Genotype cc is epistatic to all other genotypes at all other genes (cc = albino).
D gene MLPH Density of color D Dense
d Dilute
dd changes base color
Black → Blue
Chocolate → Lilac
E gene MC1R Extension of Dark Pigment Ed Full Extension
Es Steel
E Normal Extension
ej Japanese Brindling
e Fawn/Orange/Red
To get steel color, rabbit must be A_ at the A gene.
Silvering gene Unknown Silvering Si No Silvering
si Silvering
Spotting gene KIT Spotting

En Spotting
en No Spotting

Typical Spotting is heterozygous: Enen.

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