Can I safely add cilantro to my canned salsa?


Cilantro is best added fresh when the salsa is served. It is not usually included in cooked salsa recipes because if it is cooked into the salsa, it loses the fresh flavor it is known for and becomes dark and soft in the mixture. You may not like the outcome.

There is a recipe published by Ball® that has cilantro in it. We are confident that Ball has tested their recipes for safety before publishing them. You could try it to see if you like the results.

Iodized salt is safe to use, but it can give off a slightly metallic or bitter flavor. The other spices in a salsa might cover that up, but some people taste it more than others. Also, since it is meant for table or cooking use, there are anti-caking ingredients in it that may cause the brine to be slightly clouded, but you wouldn't notice that in salsa.

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