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Content by Jeanne Brandt

Mold Control: Home Inspection Checklist

Guidelines for inspecting your home for sources of moisture and steps for control.

Jeanne Brandt, Susan Busler | Mar 2007 | Article

Is canning with fresh lemon juice a safety risk?

Q: I used fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice for canning salsa in water bath. is that ok?

A: View answer | View all featured questions

Canning Checklist Bookmarks

Canning Checklist OSU Bookmarks.

Jeanne Brandt | May 2018 | Fact Sheet

Stamp Out Mold in Your Home

One page flyer with helpful hints for stamping out mold in your home.

Jeanne Brandt | Mar 2007 | Fact Sheet

Pantry problems, do brown rice and lentils store well for years?

Q: I have several pounds of brown rice that are 2 to 4 years old. I was about to cook some when I read that it should discarded after one year. I was born near the end of the Depression, grew up during WW2 and have an almost DNA level reluctance to waste food. So my question is: "To eat or not to eat!"? I also have some red lentils that have hanging around for over 3 years.

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