Bugs in my pantry—what do I do?


Getting rid of the pests

There could be two sources of the pantry pests you describe. You could be bringing them home in products from the store, or they have infested your cabinets and are spreading to the new products you bring home.

Freezing the rice and any other affected food items for 2-3 days will kill the existing pantry pests. Then, you will need to store the food in airtight containers to avoid re-infestation.

You can also use pheromone traps as a tactic against pantry pests. For more information, check out this resource: What to Do About Insects in Stored Food from Solve Pest Problems.

Preventing future pests

Food packaging from the grocery store is inadequate for protection from pantry pests. Glass jars with screw-on lids and heavy plastic containers will work, but plastic bags and cardboard boxes will not prevent infestation.

Be sure to clean your cabinets well. Vacuum any spilled food dust from the corners and cracks. Be sure to inspect any pet food for contamination, too. The pests could originate from dog food or bird seed.

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