Fruit jam separating?


The fruit may float to the top if the fruit was:

  • underripe
  • not fully crushed
  • undercooked or cooked too slowly

Some tips may be to:

  • Follow the recipe exactly
  • If using added pectin, use the instructions for the brand of pectin being used. If not using added pectin, choose 1/4 slightly under ripe fruit and 3/4 fully ripe fruit and follow directions.
  • Boil jam rapidly
  • Make only one batch of jam at a time; do not double the recipe.
  • Sterilize jars by boiling them for 10 minutes (this way you only need to process them in a water bath canner for 5 minutes)

You also may want to try the following:

  • Once the jam has cooked, remove from heat and stir an additional 5 minutes
  • Hold the ladle very close to the jar when pouring the jam into the jar

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