I've heard about the no-mow May campaign and agree that there will be unintended consequences:

  • The grass will grow a foot or more during May.
  • Regular mowers won't be equipped to cut the longer grasses after a month. You could use a weed whacker to cut down longer grasses, but this will take more time and you'd have a lot of extra grass to remove or chop up with a mower.
  • It will ultimately be more expensive to deal with the results than to mow regularly in May.
  • In May, there are many other plants in bloom and the flowers in the lawn will not provide any additional food resources for pollinators. Clover and dandelion flower even with a consistently mowed lawn.

Overall, I can't recommend the no-mow May approach.

If you want to help pollinators, plant native shrubs like Oregon grape and ground covers like kinnickinnick. Plant flowers like cosmos and rosemary.

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