Outreach Materials

Master Melittologists are required to share their knowledge of bees with other Oregonians.

Many of the same materials our volunteers use are available to volunteers in other OSU Master certificate programs, educational institutions, government institutions and non-profits. PDFs of our educational material can be freely downloaded and reprinted for education purposes.

We also provide hard copies of our educational materials to people (a) taking an online training module (starting March 1, 2020) and (b) reporting back to us on how the materials were used. 


Bees of Oregon (5.5 x 8.5")
Bee Trading Cards (3 x 5")
Responsible Orchard Bee Management (6 x 5.5")
Where are Bees in the Forests? (8.5 x 5.5")
Four Tips to Managing Pests in Urban Landscapes (8.5 x 5.5")
Cuatro Consejos Para Manejar Plagas en Plantas Que Atraen Abejas en Su Jardin (8.5 x 5.5")

Protect Bees: Read Pesticide Labels (6 x 6")
Proteja a Las Abejas: Lea Las Etiquetas de los Pesticidas (6 x 6")

To obtain cards and other resources, please view the following video and use order form below. 


Which kind of bee are you (8 bees with different personalities)


You are free to use these slides as long as you provide credit back to the Oregon Bee Atlas. If you plan to give one of these talks, please let Jen Holt know ([email protected]) so she can add it to the calendar. 

What is the Oregon Bee Atlas? (updated May 22, 2019 - some speakers notes)
Talk for gardeners (get to know 5 bees and 10 gardening strategies) (updated May 22, 2019 - includes speakers notes)
Bees and pasture management (updated May 22, 2019)
Talk for youth on native bees (updated 17 November 2018)


Marvelous Minibeasts and How We Store Them (a simple explanation of why collecting insects is so important)

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