Photo: Jim Cane (Cropped from original)

Squash Bee Survey

Access the Squash Bee Survey

Observations of squash bees, or bees you suspect to be squash bees, are uploaded through a platform known as Survey 123. 

To access the Survey 123 squash bee survey click:

NOTE: After clicking the link you will be asked if you want to add an observation using your browser, or using the app. We recommend the app if you are taking images of bees with your phone. 

Instructions (instructional videos can be found at the bottom of this page):

You will use the app each time you visit your squash patch at a given location to look for squash bees. 

Step 1: Keep track of all the flowers you look into for squash bees. If you don't see any squash bees, indicate the number of flowers you searched on, and the number of flowers you found squash bees on as '0'.

Step 2: If you find what you think are squash bees, then tally the number of flowers that you think had squash bees. Photograph these bees while they are foraging in the flowers. Upload all the images of the bees you were able to photograph into the app. 

Step 3: Tell us the kinds of squash that were in flower and let us know how confident you felt on that day with your squash bee identification

Step 4: If you saw anything cool, ANYTHING AT ALL, type it in in the comments. 

Step 5: Save the record and send it to Oregon State University for processing. 

Remember, if you change locations (e.g., go to a different garden) you need to create a new record. 

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