The Central Oregon Agricultural Research and Extension Center serves Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson counties, and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. Located in Madras, Oregon (Jefferson County), the facility sits among 60,000 acres of irrigated crop land and in the center of central Oregon seed production. High value, specialty crops provide the core of this progressive agricultural community.

The purpose of Oregon Agricultural Experiment Stations is to conduct research and provide valuable knowledge relating to agriculture, food systems and biological, social and environmental sciences, which in turn helps improve the quality of life of people and their environments. Experiment stations work to:

  • Ensure stable, productive agriculture, while protecting natural resources.
  • Improve and create new ways for agricultural efficiency.
  • Find ways to protect crops and animals from pests, disease and other hazards.
  • Protect and improve the environment and others’ quality of life.
  • Develop new agricultural products and processes.
  • Protect and enhance consumer’s food quality and its source.
  • Encourage rural and urban community development.

Oregon Agricultural Experiment Stations do not help just residents of Oregon; their knowledge is also shared across many other states and countries. Continue to read more about the legacy of land grant institutions.

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Wetland pond restoration site at Hopkins Demonstration Forest.


BEETLES Institute for Outdoor School Providers

We are pleased to welcome the BEETLES (Better Environmental Education, Teaching, Learning, and Expertise Sharing) to Oregon! The BEETLES Institute for Outdoor School will bring together leaders of outdoor school programs from across Oregon for a week of professional learning, expertise sharing, community building, discussions, and thoughtful reflection. This Institute is a rich experience, and a unique opportunity to meet with other leaders and discuss ideas for how to make your program the best it can be. Read more...

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Plant Pathology

Research conducted in the plant pathology lab at the Central Oregon Agricultural Research and Extension Center aims to advance our understanding of diseases impacting high-value specialty crops grown in this region, with the ultimate goal of improved and sustainable plant disease management. Research is focused on the following areas: 1) population biology and molecular epidemiology of fungal and bacterial plant pathogens; 2) identifying factors that contribute to spatial and temporal dynamics of plant disease epidemics; and 3) the etiology, detection and control of plant pathogens in high-value seed and other crops in central Oregon.

Central Oregon Agricultural Research and Extension Center

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