RancHER 2021 - Webinar Recordings

Here you will find the webinar recordings for RancHER, a webinar series hosted in December 2021. RancHER was organized by Juliana Ranches and sponsored by the Oregon State University Women's Giving Circle.

RancHER aims to bring information to beef cattle producers by highlighting the work of talented women in this field.

In our first edition of RancHER we had the pleasure to host the following speakers:

  • Day 1 - 12/07/2021
    • Fernanda Ferreira: Beef On Dairy: An Overview of The Strategy And Thoughts For The Future.
    • Vanessa Schroeder: Potential Effects of Cattle Grazing and Weather on Wildlife in Sagebrush Country
  • Day 2 - 12/08/2021
    • Virginia Brandao: Trace Mineral Sources and Mineral Nutrition For Beef Cattle
      • Carla Sanford: Strategies For Optimizing Beef Cattle Reproductive Performance On Your Ranch
  • Day 3- 12/09/2021
    • Carol Lorenzen: How Do We Track Changes in Beef Quality?
    • Natalie Kovarik: Sharing your Farm/Ranch Story & Advocating Online

Please see below the webinar recordings for each day of the webinar series.

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