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Rural Resilience: Farm Stress Training (FREE)


In this course, you will learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress and suicide, ways to effectively communicate with people under stress, and how to reduce stigma related to mental health concerns. What you learn in this course can help your friends, family, neighbors and community during stressful times.

Recognizing the high levels of stress affecting America’s farmers and ranchers, USDA’s Cooperative Extension System, Farm Credit, American Farm Bureau Federation and National Farmers Union have worked together to bring this course online for the public.

The content in this course was created by Extension professionals at Michigan State University, University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin, Montana State University and South Dakota State University. Development for the course was financially supported by the national partners. The course brings together the knowledge of agriculture and evidence-based approaches in behavioral health to help people recognize the signs of stress. The course better equips farmers, their families, and the agricultural community with tools and resources to help in time of need.

PLEASE NOTE:The information presented in this course is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical or public health advice, or other advice for any particular issue or subject. If you have any concerns about a particular mental health condition, please seek help from licensed providers.

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