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Small Farms and Ranches

There are a number of small farms and ranches in Lincoln County. Local farmers and ranchers produce a variety of agricultural products for their community, from eggs, beef, and wool to fresh vegetables and flowers. Oregon State University Extension Service supports local agriculture in Lincoln County in a number of ways including:

  • Workshops, classes, and tours for farmers to learn about topics relevant to their work
  • Small scale on-farm trials to test out locally appropriate management strategies
  • Farm visits and phone, email, and zoom consultations to answer individual questions
  • Newsletter and local farmer email group to help farmers stay connected and share timely resources
  • and more!

Connect with Other Farmers

Connecting with other farmers is a great way to exchange ideas and share resources with folks who understand your work! Below is a list of networks and groups that small farmers in Lincoln County might be interested in.

  • Agritourism Network- Agricultural tourism (agritourism) is when you invite the public to visit your farm or ranch to sell agricultural products and promote the sales of products. The goal of this network is to create a space for information sharing about agritourism amongst producers, a safe place to ask questions, and a way to join together to discuss issues. If you are a farmer or rancher and would like to join, please go to

  • Dry Farming Collaborative- The DFC is a group of farmers, extension educators, plant breeders, and agricultural professionals partnering to increase knowledge and awareness of dry farming management practices with a hands-on participatory approach. Join the Dry Farming Collaborative Facebook Group.

  • Lincoln County Farm Bureau - Oregon Farm Bureau is a grassroots, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization representing the interests of farming and ranching families in the public and policymaking arenas. Learn about becoming a member of the Lincoln County Farm Bureau.

  • Lincoln County Small Farms Listserv - this is an email group for small farmers in Lincoln County. I share timely resources with farmers on this email list, and farmers can share resources and information with other farmers on the list. Sign up for the Lincoln County Small Farms Listserv.

  • Military Veteran Farmers Network- This is a network for military veterans who are farming in Oregon. Network members can participate in farm tours and other learning and networking activities. If you're interested in joining, reach out to Teagan Moran- [email protected].

  • Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network - NMPAN is a university Extension-based community of practice of people and organizations helping small meat processors thrive by growing our shared wealth of information and innovation. Learn more and sign up for NMPAN.

  • Pacific Northwest Cut Flower Growers- This is a group for commercial cut flower growers in the PNW. Connect with them through their facebook group, which is used as a platform for learning, collaboration and community: Pacific Northwest Cut Flower Growers Facebook Group.

  • PNW Mushroom Farmers Network- This is a group of small scale mushroom farmers throughout the Pacific Northwest with a focus on Oregon producers with a mission to provide support, information and share resources to uplift one another. Reach out to Em Jones ([email protected]) to be added to the network

  • Small Ruminants Group- The Small Ruminants Group is a group of goat and sheep producers who are interested in sharing information, knowledge, and skills with each other. They correspond primarily through an email listserv hosted by OSU Extension Service Small Farms program and have a directory, in the form of a shared google spreadsheet; if you're interested in joining, reach out to Genie Harden ([email protected]).

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