Local Resources

These are county specific resources for active Master Gardeners in Yamhill County.

Recertification Requirements

Yamhill County Master Gardeners Program Resource

Volunteer Service Hours Information for New and Recertifying OSU Master GardenersTM in Yamhill County, Oregon

Statewide Resources

These are statewide resources for active Master Gardeners in Yamhill County.

Online Volunteer Reporting System (VRS)

Master Gardener Program Resource

Report your hours online.

Marketing Templates

Master Gardener Program Resource

Use these templates for ALL posters and other materials.

Master Gardener Code of Conduct

Master Gardener Program Resource

The Master Gardener Code of Conduct describes the expectations of Extension Master Gardener trainees and volunteers. It must be signed and filed, before an individual can begin volunteering with the OSU Extension Master Gardener Program.

Pest Control Recommendation Agreement

Master Gardener Program Resource

This form emphasizes to volunteers that the MG Program strives to provide science-based, objective advice to clients. MGs cannot introduce their personal bias into recommendations.

Policies Concerning the Use of Title of “OSU Master Gardener”

Master Gardener Program Resource

This form outlines how the title of Master Gardener can and cannot be used. For example, it cannot be used to sell or promote a product.

PNW Handbooks

Master Gardener Program Resource

PNW Handbooks: Insect, Disease, Weed

Regional Gardening Information

Native Plants for Yamhill County


For thousands of years, our native flora has adapted to our unique local climate and soil conditions. Our soil Ph is slightly acidic overall, and although soils can change from area to area, clay soils seem to predominate. Our patterns of summer dry and winter wet mean that native plants must survive the summer dry months and are adapted to do just that.

By Linda McMahan

Native Plant Profiles: Herbaceous Plants

Educational Document

Fact sheets for several PNW native herbaceous plants.

By Linda McMahan

Your garden, our shared watershed - Yamhill County


Learn how to make a difference for your watershed.
maidenhair fern on streambank

Streamside Gardening


Your streamside is part of a larger system of plants and animals that live near and within the stream itself.
Tom Gentle photo of watershed landscape

WaterWise Gardening


Information on gardening techniques and recommended plants for water conservation and general watershed health.
Fern in landscape

Landscaping with Pacific Northwest Native Plants: Fact Sheets


Pacific Northwest native plants can be used for a wide variety of landscape situations, including WaterWise gardens and borders.

By Linda McMahan