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Grazing Management of Improved Pastures

Jan 2019
Improving pastures and grazing management systems will result in more, higher quality feed produced. This article steps through a series of grazing management considerations for improving forage production and quality of improved pastures.

By Amy Peters | Publication

Benefits of soil testing to guide pasture fertilization

Aug 2010
We evaluated the production practices of clientele who use our OSU Extension program information to properly test soil and follow OSU guidelines for fertilizing pastures, and compared that to the standard practices they used prior to using OSU program information to guide their fertilizer applications. The goal of this evaluation is to determine whether our programs lead to ...

By Shelby Filley, Gene Pirelli, Amy Peters | Article

Estimated value of cranberries as a livestock feed

Aug 2001
Value analysis of cranberries as a livestock feed in the U.S.

By Amy Peters, Michael Gamroth, Art Poole | Article

Pasture and Grazing Management

Aug 1999
Improved pasture and grazing management offers a means of holding production costs to a minimum by efficient production of high quality forage. Pasture and grazing management often seems like an art but is really based on scientific knowledge. Over the years, the study of pastures, how they grow, and how they are utilized by cattle and sheep has provided us with the knowledge needed to manage pastures for most efficient production.

By Amy Peters, Lynn Cannon | Article