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Content by Brad Withrow-Robinson

Guide to Oregon County Soil Survey Reports

An inventory of all the different kinds of soils in many Oregon counties is available. These inventories were made starting in the 1970’s by soil scientists of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Soil...

By Brad Withrow-Robinson, Debra Zaveson | Article

Competition and Density in Woodland Stands

Get the most out of your woodland with a thorough look at competition among trees and the density of your woodland stand. Learn to use the relative density scale and a stand density table specific to your tree species to determine the best time to thin your trees to achieve your desired results.

By Brad Withrow-Robinson, Doug Maguire | OSU Extension Catalog

Choosing the Right Service Provider for your Family Forest: Chemical Applicator

Many family forest owners depend on professional operators to help get things done on their property. This often includes the important task of weed control. Finding the right person for the job is important. Finding the right person starts with knowing what to look for when hiring. This publication...

By Brad Withrow-Robinson | OSU Extension Catalog

Who is turning my trees into an acorn pantry?

What is killing my tree limbs? It seems that whatever it is, the woodpeckers have a field day then either squirrels or something else is filling in all of the holes caused by the woodpecker with acorns.

By Brad Withrow-Robinson | Featured Question

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