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Content by Brian McDonald

Is there a "no mow" lawn in my future?

Feb 2018
My so-called lawn needs help -- it consists of clumps of grass with bare spots between, My small yard is completely fenced with a large apple tree shading much of it, so the grass gets at most 3 to 4 hours of sun a day. What do you think of "no mow" creeping red fescue? Would I have to have the existing grass rototilled, or could topsoil be brought in and the fescue planted (by seed?) in the bare spots to fill in over time as it grows?

By Brian McDonald | Featured Question

Can you help with my lawn of many colors?

Apr 2017
I replanted my front lawn almost 2 years ago with rye grass and since then it has developed sections of lighter colored grass that seem to be spreading, is this a type of "weed" or what. Is there anything I can do to stop/reverse this? Any information is much appreciated.

By Brian McDonald | Featured Question

Perfect lawn, fact or fiction?

Apr 2014
Hi, We have a natural grass amphitheater that needs to be in top notch shape as we host weddings and events. The grass has dandelions and clover. What do you recommend? I am assuming we just need a broad leaf weed killer? I'm hoping we're not too late for a weed and feed or whatever you would recommend? It's very important that the grass doesn't get damaged in the process of removing the weeds!  

By Brian McDonald | Featured Question

Evergreen Lawn, fact or fiction?

Aug 2013
Is there a grass that stays green year around in the Willamette Valley? I thought perennial rye would but am not sure now.

By Brian McDonald | Featured Question

Best time to aerate?

May 2013
When is the best time of year to aerate my yard? My yard is Kentucky bluegrass. I live in Eugene, Oregon.

By Brian McDonald | Featured Question

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