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Program Focus Christmas tree breeding Tree growth and culturing Integrated Pest and Farm Management Chal has been growing Christmas trees since 1982 on his small family farm. The farm is on the 3rd crop rotation, second market cycle and is constantly engaged in answering new questions about growing trees. He has been with OSU since 1980 in Forestry/Administration roles and began at NWREC in 2008.

Content by Chal Landgren

Nitrogen Fertilizer: Where Does it Go?

Most Christmas tree growers fertilize with nitrogen (N) intending to improve tree color, growth, and ultimately value. Where does the fertilizer go after application? How much is actually taken up by...

By Chal Landgren, Michael Bondi, Steve Webster, Rick Fletcher | Article

What is SERF Certification and why do it?

Socially and Environmentally Responsible Farm (SERF) program is an environmental certification program for Christmas tree growers in Oregon and Washington.

By Chal Landgren, | Article

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