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Content by Chip Bubl

Is Vinegar really good for killing weeds?

Q: I’m thinking of using horticultural vinegar a spot applicator such as Weed Wand Magic to kill weeds like dandelions & possibly painting the vinegar onto grasses growing in a planting bed. Do you have any experience with this approach?

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Why is our coastal fruit dropping?

Q: I take care of several local orchards and have been finding huge amounts of fruit drop and poor setting near Astoria. Apples, cherry, plum, very weak production in the orchards. Do you know if this is common, or what causes it?

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How can I use my garden snails?

Q: How can I make the snails in my yard useful? I know it's a long shot, but I figured the MG team would think of something, if anyone could. I'm sick of killing them. Can I move them to my compost pile? We do a ...

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