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Glyphosate questions & answers

Kaci Buhl (OSU Statewide Pesticide Safety Education) and Chip Bubl (OSU Extension Horticulture/General Agriculture) collaborated to develop a list of questions and answers that might be helpful, related to glyphosate-related questions.

By Chip Bubl, Kaci Buhl, | Article

Introduction to Post-Harvest Food Handling

Savvy consumers have high expectations. They want their meat, produce and processed food products to be nice looking, nutritionally sound, good tasting and free from microbial risks. The small farmer...

By Chip Bubl | Article

Irrigation Management Basics

Small fruit, vegetable and nursery crops generally require irrigation to produce the quality the market demands and the yield the producer needs. Irrigation technology has changed dramatically over...

By Chip Bubl | Article

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