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Dana Sanchez

Dana Sanchez
Wildlife Specialist

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Content by Dana Sanchez

Oh Rats! Dealing with Non-native Rodents in the Garden

Join Dr. Dana Sanchez (Oregon State University Extension Wildlife Specialist) for a special session on managing rats in yards, gardens, and compost piles.

Dana Sanchez, Brooke Edmunds | May 2020 | Video

Dueling with Diggers: Gophers, Moles, Voles, and Ground Squirrels

This presentation will increase your understanding of the biology of common digging pests including gophers, moles, voles, and ground squirrels.

Dana Sanchez, Brooke Edmunds | Apr 2020 | Video

How can we help our captive fawn?

Q: A new fawn has been born in our horses 7 acre "dry lot" turnout. I have seen the mother and the little one looks healthy. We live in Central Oregon and the dry lot is primarily Juniper trees and Mustard weed because ...

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Shared habitat: How we can unpack potential wildlife conflicts

Presentation about avoiding conflicts with wildlife in the garden.

Dana Sanchez | Jan 2019 | Presentation

How do I move a shrub with a nest?

Q: Arborvitae line my back fence and I want to remove them and replace them with fruit trees. However, a pair of scrub jays is nesting in the arborvitae. I am not in an imminent hurry, but how can I eventually remove the arbor vitae with minimal disruption to the jays?

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