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Dr. Bohnert is a Ruminant Nutritionist and Extension Beef Cattle Specialist with Oregon State University stationed at the Eastern Oregon Agriculture Research Center in Burns, OR. He received his B.S. (1990) and M.S. (1994) in Animal Science from Angelo State University (San Angelo, TX), and Ph.D. (1998) in Ruminant Nutrition from the University of Kentucky. He joined the research group at the Eastern Oregon Agriculture Research Center in 1998. His current research is focused on nutritional management strategies to improve the sustainability of beef production in the Intermountain West.  In 2005 he received the Young Scientist Award from the Western Section of the American Society of Animal Science and in 2016 the Briskey Award for Faculty Excellence at Oregon State University College of Agricultural Sciences.

Content by David Bohnert

Fertilization of meadow foxtail dominated flood meadows

Flood meadows are an extremely important forage resource for beef cattle and hay producers. This publication summarizes research was conducted to determine the most appropriate level of nitrogen fertilization to economically increase forage yield in flood meadows dominated by meadow foxtail.

By David Bohnert, Ray Angel, Ron Torell | Publication

Using Alternative Feedstuffs

Producers should routinely evaluate alternative feedstuffs as a means to supplement existing forage resources and reduce feed costs.

By David Bohnert, | Educational Document

Management Guide for Beef Cattle

The objective of this article is to provide SUGGESTED management guidelines for cow-calf producers. We encourage producers to evaluate their individual operation(s) and use these guidelines to determine a system that works best for their ranch, environment, and facilities.

By David Bohnert, Dustin Johnson, | Educational Document

Grass Seed Straw as a Forage Source for Beef Cattle

A byproduct of grass seed production is straw (residue remaining after grass seed has been harvested). While grass seed straw is generally a low-quality forage source, the ruminant animal and its microbial population can utilize it with proper nutritional management.

By David Bohnert, Mike Mehren, Carl Hunt | Publication

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