Jamie Doyle

Jamie Doyle
Marine Resources
Topics Jamie works on include: marine debris, seafood education, local food systems, seafood processing, working waterfronts, coastal master naturalist, State of the Coast, and social science research.

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Based in Coos County, Jamie Doyle serves Coos and Curry counties on Oregon’s south coast. She works to educate county residents and visitors on relevant local and state-wide coastal issues, marine policy, and marine science, to increase ocean literacy, build a stewardship ethic, and engage people across the state in coastal topics. Jamie has a background in marine policy and education/outreach.

Content by Jamie Doyle

Post-Fukushima Atomic Surfing? Will I Gulp and Glow?

Q: I surf regularly along the northern Oregon coast. In light of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, has any recent / regular testing been completed to see if the water is safe to surf in? Some of us are out there for extended periods of time and may even accidentally gulp down some seawater during wipeouts. A lot of conversation and articles I have read seem to focus on bio-accumulation issues for seafood consumers. It would be good to get information out to the surfing community. 

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