Oregon Naturalist

Photo: Jason O'Brien (Cropped from original)

Oregon's landscapes define the people and wild species that call our state home. If you want to learn about the natural history, ecology, and natural resource management practices of Oregon, become an Oregon Naturalist. Our training is delivered through both online and place-based field courses.

The Oregon Naturalist program provides an opportunity to learn about natural resources through the study of rigorous science and research-based content: the natural history of plants, animals, habitats, and geology, the history and processes of landscape change, as well as the most relevant topics in present-day sustainable natural resource management. Participants volunteer for natural resources programs, agencies, organizations, and other groups in their communities.

The Oregon Naturalist program is part of the OSU Extension Service Forestry and Natural Resources Program, established in 2009.

Photo by: Jason O'Brien (Cropped from original)

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