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Become an Oregon Naturalist

The Oregon Naturalist program is ideal for those who wish to become certified Oregon Naturalists, but classes are open to anyone with interest, as space allows.

To become an Oregon Naturalist, complete these steps:

1. Complete the online course

The online course provides a basic overview of Oregon's natural history and the management of its natural resources.

  • Current Cost: $325.00

2. Complete One Ecoregion Field Course

We currently offer ecoregion field courses in several of Oregon's ecologically distinct regions.

  • Current Cost: $250.00

3. Complete 40 volunteer hours

As part of the Oregon Naturalist certification, you will volunteer for 40 hours for a natural resources oriented group or project. There are many types of volunteer opportunities. Completing coursework is required before beginning volunteer hours.

4. Maintain your certification

To maintain your certification as an Oregon Naturalist:

  • Continue to volunteer 40 hours per year
  • Attend 8 hours of continuing education per year

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