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Content by Jessica Green

Using a Wing Trap

Demonstration of how to assemble a paper wing trap to monitor insects. Wing traps are baited with a pheromone lure that attracts a certain species of interest.

Jessica Green | May 2013 | Video

Finding and Removing Variegated Carpet Beetles

This beetle is one of the most common pests of dry organic materials found in homes and warehouses.

Jessica Green | Oct 2018 | Article

Winter Cutworm: A New Pest Threat in Oregon

Damage from winter cutworm (the common name for the larval stage of the large yellow underwing moth) is a growing concern. In 2015, large numbers of larvae were observed around homes, within golf courses, and in field crops ...

Ed Peachey, Jessica Green | Feb 2016 | OSU Extension Catalog

An Introduction to Ground Beetles of the Willamette Valley

This narrated slideshow provides a brief introduction to carabid beetles, including life cycle, anatomy, common species, and sampling methods.

Ed Peachey, Jessica Green | Feb 2012 | OSU Extension Catalog

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