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Content by Jessica Green

Omnivorous Leaftier A ubiquitous and often minor pest of small grains and other seed crops of Western Oregon

The omnivorous leaftier has a wide host range and is known to cause damage to species from more than 20 plant families. Native parasitoid wasps manage this pest in natural and cropland settings. The first appearance of this ...

Jessica Green, Nicole Anderson | Aug 2020 | OSU Extension Catalog

Using a Wing Trap

Demonstration of how to assemble a paper wing trap to monitor insects. Wing traps are baited with a pheromone lure that attracts a certain species of interest.

Jessica Green | May 2013 | Video

Finding and Removing Variegated Carpet Beetles

This beetle is one of the most common pests of dry organic materials found in homes and warehouses.

Jessica Green | Oct 2018 | Article

Winter Cutworm: A New Pest Threat in Oregon

Damage from winter cutworm (the common name for the larval stage of the large yellow underwing moth) is a growing concern. In 2015, large numbers of larvae were observed around homes, within golf courses, and in field crops ...

Jessica Green, Brian McDonald, Ed Peachey | Feb 2016 | OSU Extension Catalog

An Introduction to Ground Beetles of the Willamette Valley

This narrated slideshow provides a brief introduction to carabid beetles, including life cycle, anatomy, common species, and sampling methods.

Jessica Green, Ed Peachey | Feb 2012 | OSU Extension Catalog

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