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Content by Leticia Henderson (Varelas)

Ecology and Management of Eastern Oregon Forests: A Comprehensive Manual for Forest Managers

Gives an overview of Eastern Oregon forest types and various silvicultural systems for managing them. Discusses in depth the ecology and management of ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine, and mixed-conifer forests. Describes major pests of eastside forests and tells how to manage them. Suggests ways to...

By Nicole Strong, Robert (Bob) Parker, Leticia Henderson (Varelas), Stephen Fitzgerald, Tim Deboodt | OSU Extension Catalog

Analytical Laboratories Serving Oregon

This guide can be useful for commercial growers, gardeners, and homeowners who wish to use soil, plant, and water analyses to help them make decisions about the use of soil amendments and other management actions. Some may also wish to test drinking water quality. The guide contains a list of...

By Darrin Walenta, Clare Sullivan, Leticia Henderson (Varelas), Linda Brewer | OSU Extension Catalog

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