Ecology and Management of Eastern Oregon Forests: A Comprehensive Manual for Forest Managers

Paul T. Oester, Stephen Fitzgerald, Nicole Strong, Robert (Bob) Parker, Leticia Henderson (Varelas), Tim Deboodt, William H. Emmingham, Gregory M. Filip and Dan Edge
MANUAL 12 | October 2022


Gives an overview of Eastern Oregon forest types and various silvicultural systems for managing them. Discusses in depth the ecology and management of ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine, and mixed-conifer forests. Describes major pests of eastside forests and tells how to manage them. Suggests ways to enhance range and wildlife values while managing eastside forestland. Glossary. Appendix of eastern Oregon flora and fauna. References. More than 200 color photos and illustrations.

Preview available online. Full version available to purchase.

About the authors

Paul T. Oester
William H. Emmingham
Gregory M. Filip
Dan Edge

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