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Understanding and Preventing Sweet Cherry Fruit Cracking

Fruit cracking in sweet cherries can have a severe economic impact in the Pacific Northwest, even with new optical sorters. This publication helps growers understand the causes of cracking and describes cultural practices that can minimize cracking.

By Lynn Long, Clive Kaiser, Linda Brewer | OSU Extension Catalog

Cemetery Block Cherry Variety Trial 2005-2018

Fruit characteristics of sweet cherry cultivars and selections under evaluation in The Dalles at the Cemetery Block. All data was evaluated from 25 samples of each cultivar.

By Lynn Long, | Educational Document

Managing Crop Load on Productive/Size Controlling Rootstocks to Ensure Premium Quality Cherries

With the commercial acceptance of precocious, size controlling rootstocks and productive self-fertile varieties, cherry production took a giant step forward. Rootstocks such as Gisela 5, 6, 12,...

By Lynn Long, | Article

Growing Quality Cherries

The United States is one of the leading producers of sweet cherries in the world. In the U.S. the majority of cherries are produced in the Pacific Coast states of Washington, Oregon and California with the greatest volume of production in the north.

By Lynn Long, | Article

Advances in New Cherry Varieties

Presented at 2018 Cherry Day

By Lynn Long, | Presentation

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